What does Machine Saver do for Reliability Engineers?

The primary role of the Reliability Engineer is to detect and mitigate asset reliability risks that could hurt the plant or business operations. This vastly encompassing role is made up of 3 subcategory roles:

  1. Loss Elimination
  2. Risk Management
  3. Life Cycle Asset Management

Loss Elimination

Preventing downtime usually plays a significant role in meeting quarterly and yearly numbers in an organization. That is why Reliability engineers are held in such high esteem. Loss elimination and preventing downtime is paramount to producing quality output consistently.

This is how we help:

  • Machine Saver helps reduce maintenance costs
  • Low cost of entry for Machine Saver solutions
  • Prioritization of “repeated problem” assets
  • Helps to manage by exception as opposed to treating every machine the same
  • Creates a Proactive Maintenance plan instead of a costly Preventative or Reactive Maintenance plan.
  • Machine Saver and partners assist with root cause analysis

Risk Management

Reliability Engineers need to associate criticality with all or most of their process equipment. Machine Saver’s solutions were designed to help determine where your “problem children” are and Machine Saver’s partners all over the globe are available to assist with a multitude of risk management tasks.

This is how we help:

  • Preliminary hazards analysis
  • Failure modes and effects analysis
  • Criticality analysis
  • Simplified failure modes and effects analysis
  • Maintainability information
  • Fault tree analysis
  • Event tree analysis

Life Cycle Asset Management

Studies show that as much as 95% of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or Life Cycle Cost (LCC) of an asset is determined before it is put into use.

Reliability Engineers need to be involved with the implementation and design of their machines and processes.

This is how we help:

  • By detecting high vibration and obtaining spectral and time waveform data, Machine Saver can assist with diagnosing structural issues or faulty installations.
  • Machine Saver can be used to test new machinery or existing machinery to determine its quality and confirm the expected life cycle.
  • Supply a host of experts and partners that are not only skilled vibration analysts, but many in Machine Saver’s circle are former Reliability Engineers. We bring vibration and reliability expertise to our customer to go far beyond vibration hardware and monitoring systems. We are also the company to call when our system detects a failure.

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