Unique Application Benefits:

  • Built-in automatic sensor test verification and diagnostics insures machine monitoring point accuracy, precision, and system reliability
  • Excessive machine casing vibration and/or temperature – specifically the fan support structure and the bearing housings
  • Abnormal process equipment foundation, housing, and structural vibration
  • Vibration analysis will provide valuable spectra information on mechanical and moving process liquid or vapor faults
  • Process equipment protection and condition monitoring diagnostics
  • Overall machinery vibration monitoring or user defined band-pass filters to customize the vibration monitoring for the type of process equipment or application
  • Unique vibration signature (x,y, and z vibration plane) for each monitoring point that can be compared to past records or other similarly located machines to insure optimal machine performance and reliability.
  • As long as the VTB-Sensor is mounted at or around the bearings housing, the vibration signature reflects the real-time operating status of each set of bearings
  • The enhanced 3-Axis overall vibration detection provides continuous and real-time important multi-plane vibration levels for each process equipment machine asset

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fin fans

A New Practical and Reliable Approach to the Vibration Monitoring of Cooling Tower Fans

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One VTB triaxial vibration sensor mounted on the driving end of the motor and one VTB sensor on the fan bearing.


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