What does Machine Saver do for Maintenance Professionals?

We make their work lives easier and we do it for less than the competition – guaranteed.

How do we do it?

  • First and foremost, we bring information to your fingertips
  • We send text messages and email reports to your PC or phone when there is a problem detected before catastrophic incident.

The Maintenance Official then checks the dashboard of the sensor that alerted him or her:maintenance

  • From there we give you the overall vibration amplitudes (the indication of when the problem started) and the dynamic information (the spectral or time wave information that describes the problem):



  • From this information, based on comparing the fault condition dynamic information with normal running condition information (using overlays available in our system) you can diagnose the machinery failure and pinpoint what has changed between normal and fault conditions.
  • Machine Saver also provides a vast group of resources, consultants, analysts, and reliability professionals to assist our customers with the day to day decision making and tasks. All of this is at your fingertips with our solution.
  • When an alarm occurs, the Machine Saver solution is automated to alert a local machine reliability specialist to call and assist our customers with dissecting and diagnosing these impending machine failures—if assistance is needed. This alert and optional resource is implemented during installation at no cost to the customer.

The Solution Before the Problem: Past Machine Saver Successes

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