Coal-powered plant that needs vibration monitoring

Industrial vibration sensors for coal crushers & pulverizers form an integral part of the production processes at thermal power stations, sugar mills, mining industry, and more.

Most coal handling systems meet the demands of a thermal power plant by loading and unloading coal to a stockpile, feeding the coal crushers, and sending the pulverized coal for storage or to a boiler for combustion via conveyor belts.

Working Principle of a Coal Handling Plant (CHP)

Rotating components in a Coal plant

A typical coal handling plant (CHP) comprises primary and secondary coal crushers and coal pulverizers.

Coal crushers and pulverizers work on the principle of impact, attrition, or a combination of both.

Numerous mechanical parts like grinding plates, rings, anvils, rods, and hammers are involved in the coal crushing process.

Coal breaks into smaller sizes due to the impact and scrubbing between these hard surfaces.

Continuous Monitoring of Rotating Components

Coal gradation or the output size of coal impact the productivity of the CHP, and the entire factory. For the stable operation of the plant, industries rely on vibration sensors for coal crushers and pulverizers.

In a ring granulator coal crusher, there are a large number of rotating components that run around the clock. The rotor assembly consists of roller rings, hammers, discs, and the rotating shaft.

In a bowl mill system pulverizer, the incoming raw coal gets ground due to the pressure exerted by the worm gear set and springs installed on the journal assembly.

Any failure of the moving mechanical parts like the linkages between the rotor and drive assembly or roller bearing wear may stop the crushing process during peak demand.

With smart vibration sensing devices, plant owners can have 24*7 monitoring of coal crushers and pulverizers, prevent expensive equipment failures and plant shutdowns, and ensure employee safety.

Condition Monitoring of CHPs

Coal crusher vibration monitoring involves early detection of these main failures:

a coal crusher plant that needs vibration monitoring
  • Bearing defects
  • Imbalance
  • Shaft faults
  • Resonance
  • Misalignment
  • Extreme temperatures

One of the significant challenges plant operators face in installing vibration monitoring systems for CHPs is that these machines are usually located in difficult-to-access areas. Climbing up on to complex structures and mounting vibration monitoring devices poses a safety risk to the maintenance staff.

VTB TriVibe: A Smart Solution for Plant Monitoring Needs

Machine Saver’s VTB TriVibe is a four-in-one vibration monitoring system that consists of an integrated cable assembly that is suitable to be mounted in areas that are hard to access, including hazardous, combustive, wet, and corrosive environments.

VTB Sensors are effective vibration devices for coal crushers and pulverizers that collect vibration data in a three-axial plane (X, Y, Z), coupled with a digital and temperature transmitter.

The reading goes beyond safe temperature limit as a result of common crusher failures like internal cracks, improper bearing lubrication, or high hydrodynamic friction in gear. The permanently mounted VTB vibration sensors can measure abnormal thermal changes, uncover potential failures early, and help protect the overall structural integrity of the plant.

VTB Sensors for Coal Crushers and Pulverizers

VTB TriVibe sensor is an ideal vibration sensing device for machine vibration monitoring of coal crushers and pulverizers.

Temperature Sensor

VTB sensor has an in-built temperature sensor to detect the overheating of the drive components, motor, and coupler. TriVibe’s digital transmitter also offers additional protection in case of overheating and prevents AC motor failure.

vibration sensors for coal crushers and pulverizers
  1. TriVibe gathers accurate data about the overall vibration levels in acceleration and velocity for the X, Y, and Z-axis.
  2. VTB RS485 Sensor offers wireless vibration monitoring for critical systems as well as conditioning monitoring for the balance of plant machines.
  3. VTB sensor has a smart programmable design that offers uninterrupted plant maintenance and machine protection.

Failure Detection

TriVibe digital sensor monitors low-frequency vibrations, collects up-to-the-minute temperature data, and helps reduce or eliminate process downtime by identifying the impending failures in the critical process equipment.

VTB TriVibe is a one-size-fits-all machine vibration sensing device that helps in the early detection of electrical and mechanical faults in the plant equipment. It uncovers:

  • Broken welds
  • Cracks
  • Insulation issues
  • Improper installation
  • Imbalance
  • Misalignment

Remote Monitoring

VTB TriVibe coupled with industrial software component Machine Gate allows you to remotely track automated vibration data from any part of the world at any given time. Protect the plant equipment from possible shutdowns, avoid production outages, and expensive machine replacements with this cost-effective vibration monitoring solution.


VTB RS485 Sensor is a smart programmable solution that helps plant maintenance and reliability engineers in monitoring the vibration levels of various valued process assets. It is suitable to be mounted on reciprocating machines as well as rotating components like industrial crushers, coal pulverizers, motors, engines, pumps, cooling towers, fans, compressors, centrifuges, and more.

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