vibration sensing

Each industrial plant is different with its own unique requirements, but one common thread shared by most plants is the need for robust vibration monitoring solutions. Vibration sensors can provide a unique view into the inner workings of an industrial plant.

Vibration sensors can predict machine failures, allowing for proactive maintenance rather than reactive repair.

Machine Saver is a market leader in vibration sensors and can provide a product for nearly every industrial application, from small to large. Read on to learn more!

vibration sensing

How Vibration Sensors Protect Equipment

Starting on the small side, a single vibration sensor can be used to protect that one piece of equipment that is invaluable to the operation of your plant. The VTB-RS485 vibration sensor can be used to measure vibration on 3-axes as well as temperature. This vibration sensor is engineered to perform in even the most demanding environments and is rated to withstand temperatures from -40 to 105 degrees Celsius.

With a supported frequency range of .4Hz to 5kHz, the VTB-RS485 sensor easily handles nearly any use case. In a small plant environment, the vibration sensor can be programmed to alarm based on various user-defined vibration and temperature parameters. Status may also be observed via an intuitive LED indicator. Sensors may also be interfaced with relays to provide shutdown protection in case temperature or vibration data measures outside of an acceptable range.

Scaling Up

Moving up the scale, there are many applications where multiple vibration sensors are needed to monitor larger plant operations. In this case, VTB-RS485 vibration sensors can be easily networked to provide a cohesive view of the entire plant.

Control system integration is simple using PLC, DCS, SCADA or Modbus RS-485. Machine Saver’s VTB-miniCOM communication gateway empowers reliability engineers by acting as a CANbus master that can communicate with 24 different sensors at the same time.

vibration sensorsMachineGate and Web Portal

For more complicated plants a finer degree of control, analysis, and connectivity may be necessary. MachineGate and Web Portal from Machine Saver allows access to vibration and temperature data from anywhere in the world.  MachineGate is an LTE Gateway that allows remote access to your entire network of vibration sensors.

Vibration and temperature data collected from sensors are gathered by MachineGate and sent over the web for further analysis by Machine Saver’s Web Portal. Web Portal is a powerful software tool that allows for detailed spectral analysis, as well as the ability to view alarms, trends, and dynamic data from each sensor.

MachineGate and Web Portal are ideally suited for locations that are hazardous, remote, or difficult to access. Data can be analyzed and acted upon without ever having to leave the office.

Vibration Sensing is the #1 Way to Protect Your Equipment

For any size plant, there is no better way to improve reliability than a comprehensive vibration monitoring solution. Machine Saver offers vibration monitoring products that fit into any size production environment, from big to small. So whether it’s a single sensor installation or hundreds of sensors scattered around the world, Machine Saver has customized solutions designed to protect your precious investment. Click the button below to contact us online or simply call us at 832-471-8145.

vibration sensing

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