vibration monitoring

A wastewater treatment plant is designed to remove biological or chemical waste products from water, thereby permitting the treated water to be used for other purposes while complying with environmental requirements. These plants typically rely on maintenance personnel to keep the machinery running. However, periodic machine monitoring with vibration data collectors is not the best way to evaluate plant equipment because critical vibration information can be missed. It is ultimately up to the owners and operators of a wastewater treatment plant to decide what levels of vibration monitoring are adequate for protecting and monitoring their plant assets.

Most commonly used vibration devices include:

  • Mechanical Vibration Switches
  • Two-Wire Loop Powered Vibration Transmitters
  • Electronic Vibration Switch with Built-In Sensor

Advantages and disadvantages of each vibration device are discussed further in the Tech Notes. The Tech Notes also discuss Motor and Pump Sets, advantages of wireless vibration monitoring, and more!

vibration monitoring

Learn Why the VTB-TriVibe is the best vibration monitoring device for Waste Water Treatment Plants

VTB-TriVibe Capabilities

The VTB-TriVibe is a three-axis (X, Y, Z) digital and temperature transmitter which can detect a multitude of rotational and structural problems, such as imbalance, misalignment, a bent shaft, and mechanical looseness. Additionally, this sensor can detect rolling element bearing problems in their early stages.

The sensor can simultaneously detect in the three measurement planes mentioned above, along with all three vibration measurands: acceleration, velocity, and displacement. The embedded temperature sensor has a service range of -40°F to 221°F (-40°C to 105°C). By integrating three-axis vibration detection and temperature into one digital transmitter, one transmitter can take the place of seven sensors.Figure 1 illustrates the vibration measurement planes detected by the VTB-TriVibe.

vibration monitoring

VTBNet: A Low-Cost, Practical Approach to Vibration Monitoring for Waste Water Treatment Plants | Machine Saver – Houston, TX