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Complex industrial systems fail, and when they do they can fail spectacularly.  These failures often cost more money in downtime than they do in repair costs, and both can hit your business hard.  Machine Saver’s line of vibration monitoring sensors do a great job at providing data you can use to predict and prevent these failures.  Of course any vibration monitoring system can provide data.  What sets Machine Saver’s vibration monitoring system apart from the competition is the ability to easily access, analyze, and interpret this data from anywhere.  That’s where MachineGate and Machine Saver’s Web Portal come into the picture.

vibration monitoring, machinegate, web portal

Stay Connected with Your Vibration Sensors

MachineGate is an LTE Gateway that allows remote access to your network of Machine Saver vibration sensors.  MachineGate incorporates a rugged weatherproof design, and dual antennas compatible with all LTE frequencies and North American cellular carriers.  It even supports 3G HSPA+ fallback for when cellular coverage is less than optimal.  MachineGate gathers vibration data from your network of sensors, which you can then access using Machine Saver’s Web Portal.

When you log into Machine Saver’s Web Portal, you’ll find a single pane of glass view into your entire operation, even across multiple systems.  Using the Web Portal dashboard, you can drill down into each MachineGate device, and then into the individual sensors themselves, to see trends, view alarms and analyze data.  In addition to vibration data, real time location tracking via GPS is also provided.  You’ll even have the ability to view each MachineGate device’s location on a map, handy information for machinery on the move.

Powerful Data Analytics

Real-time vibration monitoring data by itself is extremely useful, but the ability to access historical data provides valuable context.  Without knowledge of the past it’s hard to make sense of the present.  Through the Web Portal dashboard, you can access minute by minute trend information for all devices in your sensor network as well as historical data.  Built-in data logging capability from each MachineGate device allows you to compare new dynamic information with earlier snapshots.  This can provide useful insights into how your operation is running.  For more advanced applications, the Web Portal enables waveform and spectral analysis of velocity and acceleration from .4 to 5000 Hz.  The Web Portal also allows the user to set automated dynamic signal captures for each vibration sensor.  This flexibility provides an unparalleled granular level of detail into the inner workings of your operation.

See What’s on the Horizon

Vibration monitoring is one of the easiest ways to prevent premature equipment failure and costly downtime, but the wrong vibration monitoring system could leave you flying blind.  Clear visibility into your vibration data is now possible, even in challenging or remote locations.  So whether it’s spotting a pending failure or just getting the peace of mind knowing that your operation is running smoothly, MachineGate and Web Portal provides access to the data you need, anywhere in the world.

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