The Solution Before The Problem

Learn How Machine Manufacturers around the US Maximize Machine Uptime
With Remote 24 Hour Vibration, Reducing Insurance Premiums,
Maintenance And Warranty Costs.

What Clients Say About Machine Saver

“Upper management is very impressed with your sensor technology…
The VTB sensor detected the Siemens motor shaft bumping a bearing on startup due to an alignment issue…”

– Bob M.
Kinder Morgan

We Cut Maintenance Costs in Half
With Our Turnkey Solution And Training

As part of our four-part strategy, we provide a world class vibration sensor that protects and monitors any kind of rotating or reciprocating equipment—this differentiates a machine solution from the competition.

We provide remote monitoring that tips off distributors and manufacturers of when OEM/Packager customers need assistance, spare parts, or services. Opening an automated communication line presents the opportunity to foster better customer relationships and provides more customer access to salespeople and account managers.

We empower machine manufacturers with more control, 24/7 visibility and the confidence that their facility is firing on all cylinders. We provide an extremely low-cost solution that is easily added onto any packaged solution. Protect yourself with the Solution Before the Problem.

Our vibration system is at the forefront of optimizing the
day-to-day operations and decision making in a facility.

In short, we are a world class organization
because we help our customers make more money
and clearly explain the comprehensive steps to get there
with our hardware and expertise

We also boast an extremely low cost of entry to do this.

What you can expect from Machine Saver:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Less need for reactionary outside or third-party entities with better utilization of your workforce and a more automated process
  • Top Quality Technology and Products – 100% Made in the USA!
  • More safety compliance, lower insurance premiums and fewer employees in harm’s way
  • Longer machine productivity
  • Decrease replacement inventory expenses, stagnant materials, and storage space.
  • Optimized maintenance intervals
  • Downtime “prevention” guarantee