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Not all machines need vibration monitoring. For example, those machines that are cheap, easy to replace, or fulfill a non-mission critical role may not require any sort of vibration sensing at all. Generally though, vibration sensing makes good business sense, and is virtually required in any of the following situations:

  • Mission critical applications where downtime must be minimized.
  • In cases where the equipment in question is costly to replace.
  • In cases where the equipment is located in remote or hazardous locations.
  • If the equipment is difficult or expensive to service.
  • In situations where catastrophic equipment failure may be dangerous to people or property located nearby.

Machine Saver features a full line of vibration sensing products specifically designed for all of the previously mentioned use cases.  Let’s look at some real world examples of machines that need vibration sensing.

machine saver, vibration sensing

Types of Machinery

vibration sensingMotors

Motors are often at the heart of an industrial plant. If the motors don’t run, the plant doesn’t produce, and money is lost. Sometimes a small plant is designed around one big motor, in this case one or two vibration sensors connected to a control system with simple alarms and shutdown logic may be sufficient protection.

In other cases many motors must be simultaneously monitored.

Again, Machine Saver has got you covered with sensors that can be networked together, remotely monitored and analyzed via Machine Saver’s web portal.

vibration sensingFans

Industrial fans are usually expensive and are often times found in difficult-to-access locations. They are also notorious for being sensitive to vibration, imbalance, and misalignment.

For these reasons it is crucial for fans to be equipped with vibration sensors.

Data from Machine Saver vibration sensors can be used to detect subtle anomalies otherwise undetectable by physical inspection, in turn preventing premature failure. And in the long run, that saves you time, stress, and money.

vibration sensingPumps

Pumps are another application that can be extremely mission critical.

A failed pump can mean lots of water where you don’t want it or no water when you really need it. In manufacturing it can mean a plant shutdown due to inability to move liquids from one process to another. Either way, a failed pump is bad news.

Luckily, Machine Saver offers vibration sensing products that can reduce or eliminate pump failures through early detection and prevention of problems.

vibration sensingWindmills

Windmills are no stranger to harsh conditions, and what more hazardous location than 300 feet off the ground.

Yes, wind turbines are the quintessential application for installation of vibration sensing equipment.  Blades are colossally expensive and are extremely difficult to transport and replace. No one in their right mind would neglect to install vibration monitoring on a windmill.

Machine Saver has the perfect solution with remote monitoring capabilities and advanced data analysis.

Protect Your Machinery with Vibration Sensing

There are literally hundreds of other applications where vibration monitoring is essential, but they all share common characteristics discussed above. When safety and reliability are paramount, you need a vibration sensing solution you can depend on. Machine Saver delivers just that. Call us today at 832-471-8145 or click the button below to contact us online.

machine saver, vibration sensing

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