VTB-TriVibe, vibration monitoring, gen sets

Need help with temperature and vibration monitoring on your gen sets? Check out our VTB-TriVibe, which consistently detects, monitors, analyzes, and protects your diesel engine investment.

The VTB-TriVibe (2g/4g) can be mounted on the engine block and center lined to machine casing. The VTB-TriVibes configured for vibration can be mounted on engine block for engine block vibration and crankcase vibration at 1X to 10X of machine running speed (ips,rms).

Learn more about how the VTB-TriVibe can help you protect your gen sets and other machinery by reading our tech notes.

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VTB-TriVibe Offers Vibration and Temperature Monitoring for Gen Sets | Machine Saver, Inc. – Houston, TX