vibration sensor, VibraSmart
Vibration sensors are the key to lower costs and fewer breakdowns.
Low-cost vibration monitoring doesn’t have to mean low tech. Case in point is Machine Saver’s Vibra Smart vibration monitoring system.
At the heart of the Vibra Smart system is the VTB-Sensor. The VTB-Sensor is a smart, addressable, and programmable vibration sensor. It’s designed to gather vibration and temperature data in today’s harsh industrial environments.
These Vibration Sensors easily interface with Machine Saver’s VTB-COM communications gateway which then sends signals on to PLC, DCS, SCADA or remote monitoring applications via:
  • wireless
  • cellular
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • Modbus
  • Relays

vibration sensor, machine monitoring, VibraSmart

vibration sensor, VibraSmartWhat Is Vibra Smart?

Vibra Smart is a cost-effective option for OEM applications in need of vibration monitoring, yet still offers a full set of features that mechanical or two-wire vibration shut off switches can’t.

Integrating Vibra Smart vibration monitoring into an OEM solution can be a crucial competitive differentiator. This proves to your customers that you care about reliability and are willing to go the extra mile to protect their valuable investment.

Protect your equipment with vibration sensors.

Continuous monitoring also allows for a better customer service experience by providing remote access to technicians and early warning signals that can prevent future costly repairs and plant downtime.

The Vibra Smart system can measure frequencies from 0.4 Hz to 5kHz, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications including fans, motors, pumps, and HVAC systems.  Nearly any piece of equipment can have its life extended by simply monitoring for changes in vibration characteristics.  Easily configurable alarms and status LEDs can provide indication of more urgent faults. Meanwhile, monitoring software and custom programmable filters can be used to dig deeper and detect more subtle failure modes.

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When dealing with complex and expensive machinery, using substandard vibration monitoring technology costs far more than the negligible upfront savings. The obvious costs of warranty claims and service calls can be dwarfed by the hidden costs of lost sales, disappointed customers, and loss of reputation.

When your name is on the line, Machine Saver’s all-in-one solution for vibration monitoring is a no-brainer. Our solutions improve plant reliability, lower maintenance costs, and prevent machine downtime. Call us today at 832-471-8145.

vibration sensor, machine monitoring, VibraSmart

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