How does vibration sensing devices work for cooling towers

Cooling towers are commonly used in power plants, natural gas processing, petroleum refineries, food and beverages, construction projects, and other facilities. 

Cooling towers are a special type of heat exchanger, allowing it to remove or reject heat from the machinery fluid (working water) back into the atmosphere through evaporation and dry cooling. By either direct or indirect contact with cooling air, it lowers the temperature of the water that’s circulated throughout the cooling tower. 

Many of these towers have induced draft systems that use fans at the top discharge area to pull hot air up through the tower and out of it. The tower fans are constructed either with belt-driven sprocket and/or with gear drive or motor system elements supporting the motor, gearbox, and blades.

Reliance on Industrial Processes

Industrial processes rely on cooling tower fan assets as an important system component of production using vibration sensing devices.

Their failure can cause expensive repairs and reduced loads during peak demand. For many plants, losing the cooling process leads to a costly process slow down or even shut down.

As cooling tower rotating equipment plays a critical role in air circulation, intelligent & smart vibration sensing devices can reliably protect the plant’s assets.

Common Cooling Tower Failures

Cooling tower failure occurs due to imbalances and variable frequencies caused by excessive vibration. Specific frequencies and internal or external forces that cause machine faults can be avoided by machine vibration monitoring and measuring the amplitude of the vibration signal.

Misalignment of different components such as the motor, gearbox, and broken fan blade, or increased bearing loads may also contribute to equipment breakdown.

Temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors may accelerate component wear that can negatively affect the overall plant operation.

Consequences of Cooling Tower Fan Failures

When the mechanical condition of the cooling tower fan is not up to mark, it can lead to:

Cooling tower

Vibrations sensors, thus installed to monitor the cooling towers, provide vital information about an impending failure and help to take action before any substantial damage occurs.

Vibration Monitoring in Cooling Towers

Various types of vibration sensors are installed on different components. Choosing the right vibration sensor for specific equipment is crucial for the optimum operation of the plant. For instance, operators should not install vibration sensors for pumps on the cooling towers.

Continuous monitoring of the machine vibration in the cooling tower fans can collect vibration data and help prevent potential machine failure.

Many earlier machine monitoring programs used hand-held vibration devices that connected to a tri-axial sensor. They collected vibration readings from the external motor and were unable to detect impending gearbox failures.

With the latest available intelligent transmitter technology, one can measure vibration levels even in the machines located in remote or hazardous areas. You can ensure the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) specified standards for cooling towers by measuring the vibration levels at the motor and fan speed using advanced vibration sensing devices.

A Solution: Intelligent Vibration Transmitter

The Intelligent Vibration Transmitter (IVT) predicts bearing failures and machine rotational faults by making use of improved resolution for any frequency. IVT can be installed in wet, submerged, and corrosive environments.

vibration sensing devices from Machine Saver

One such indispensable tool that uses a smart programmable solution is Machine Saver’s VTB TriVibe sensor. It consists of a compact transmitter integrated with the temperature module and provides timely updates on the condition of the machine.

TriVibe sensor offers continuous monitoring of a dual three-axis (X, Y, and Z) vibration measurement plane and provides the maintenance team with acceleration, velocity, and temperature output. It is essentially four sensors in one.

VTB TriVibe Prevents Costly Process Shutdowns

VTB TriVibe is a smart and compact vibration monitoring system that provides programmable, scalable, and customizable solutions. It combines the best-practice techniques and analyzes various performance parameters of the cooling tower fan.

With wireless communication, remote monitoring, and accurate interpretation of data, you can protect the cooling tower from developing problems like imbalance, misalignment, defective bearings, and gearbox faults.

Detecting the problems early enough prevents costly cooling process shutdowns and allows for making timely repairs.

Benefits of VTB TriVibe: Cooling Tower Fan Vibration Sensors

  1. TriVibe sensor allows for up-to-the-minute maintenance of the rotating machine applications like motors and fans, as well as the reciprocating machines like pumps and compressors.
  2. TriVibe sensor provides 24/7 monitoring of overall vibration and temperature levels coupled to a PLC or DCS control system.
  3. Online overall vibration can be obtained remotely, at any time and help minimize abrupt halts in operations.
  4. VTB sensor can be easily mounted via a VTB-Mag (a magnetic base with a stainless-steel mounting disc), threaded stud, epoxy attached steel mounting disc, or a steel strap.
  5. With VTB-RS485 smart vibration sensor, you can not only detect malfunctioning equipment early, but you can also reduce the overall installation costs.
  6. Plant owners can discover any machine issues, and escape unnecessary repairs and production outages with the help of automated statistic reports.

In conclusion, vibration sensing devices like VTB TriVibe use unique algorithms to provide reliable and quick machine vibration and temperature data to anticipate failures and prevent impending catastrophic disasters.

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