vibration sensor, cooling towers

Vibration sensors protect your cooling towers and your business.

For many applications, cooling towers are the most effective way to remove heat from a system.

Unfortunately, the same elements that make cooling towers so efficient also make for a harsh environment for the machinery powering it, as well as the people tasked with servicing that machinery. Heat, wetness, and humidity can accelerate wear in bearings, motors, shafts, gearboxes and pumps involved in the cooling process.

So how can you keep your cooling towers in the best shape possible? Read on to find out.

vibration sensor, cooling towers

vibration sensor, cooling towersHow Vibration Sensors Protect Cooling Towers

The easiest way to ensure consistent cooling tower operation is through the magic of vibration monitoring. In fact, it’s not magic – it’s just science.

Machine Saver’s line of tri-axial vibration sensors are the most complete vibration monitoring solution on the market today.

While traditional vibration monitoring devices can shut down equipment if excessive vibration is detected, it may be too late to prevent major damage due to the limited nature of mechanical or two-wire shut-off switches.

However, Machine Saver’s vibration sensors provide continuous remote vibration monitoring. This is 100% essential for the unpleasant and often dangerous environments associated with cooling towers.

Vibration sensors can prevent catastrophic failures and lower downtime.

Vibration data on 3-axes as well as temperature data can be continuously gathered and analyzed with Machine Saver‘s robust remote monitoring and analysis software. Email and text message alerts can be programmed based on customized alarm settings. This lets plant managers rest easy knowing the tower is running within specified parameters.

Vibration data can also be sent via Modbus RS485 RTU to PLC, DCS, and SCADA for automated real-time intervention, consequently averting a potential catastrophic failure.

vibration sensor, cooling towersVibration Sensors Made Strong

Machine Saver’s line of vibration sensors are manufactured to withstand severe, harsh environments commonly found inside cooling towers. The sensor and integrated cable assembly are engineered to survive wet, hot, submerged, and corrosive settings.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the people tasked with troubleshooting cooling tower equipment. It can be dangerous, which is just one of the reasons why vibration sensors are a great investment.

If your company values worker safety (and it should), installing a continuous vibration monitoring system is a great way to keep your employees safe.

A vibration monitoring system increases worker safety.

Protect Your Cooling Towers With Vibration Sensors from Machine Saver

The wide frequency range supported by Machine Saver vibration sensors can be especially useful in cooling tower applications where machine faults may manifest themselves at a fraction of normal running speed or at many times normal running speed.  Using time waveform and spectrum data provided by Machine Saver’s remote monitoring and analysis software, a technician can narrow down which component fault is most likely given the observed frequency profile and measurement plane, allowing for faster fixes and less downtime.

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vibration sensor, cooling towers

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