vibration monitoringMachine Saver is the most innovative vibration monitoring company in the manufacturing industry. Machine Saver manufactures and installs cutting edge vibration monitoring solutions for reliable machine protection and condition monitoring.

Centered around a smart and addressable tri-axial sensor, the Machine Saver solution allows reliability engineers and maintenance professionals to easily monitor critical and non-critical balance of plant equipment. The sensor is suitable for rotating machine applications such as motors, fans, engines, centrifuges, and cooling towers, as well as reciprocating machines like compressors and pumps.

The sensor provides overall vibration level outputs for the X, Y, and Z axes in acceleration and velocity, in addition to temperature output. Machine Saver’s sensor has a programmable low-pass, high-pass, or band-pass filter capability. Up to 250 sensors can be daisy-chained together (reducing wiring and installation costs) and can be connected to the plant PLC or DCS.

Machine Saver’s web portal provides remote monitoring capabilities such as: text message/email upon alarms, historical trends, dynamic data (Time Waveform, Acceleration FFT, Velocity FFT), and expert remote vibration monitoring assistance.

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