Many plants still use less sophisticated vibration shutdown devices that were provided by the manufacturer of the cooling tower cell. With their increasing significance, cooling towers require more reliable protection than provided by mechanical vibration switches. Similar to the mechanical vibration switch, the two-wire vibration transmitter does not have any analysis capabilities for a deteriorating machine. In the end, it is the owners of the cooling tower cells who have to bear the plant’s diminished output and revenue losses when their cooling processes are not properly protected against the excessive and destructive machine forces.

Machine Saver VTB Net Solution Video

Machine Saver’s VTB Net Solution – Continuous Protection

The VTB Net Sensor is compact transmitter that integrates a dual 3-axis vibration & temperature module to the condition of the cooling tower fan and other drive components. The improved resolution for low and high frequencies, the VTB Net Sensor can anticipate machine rotational faults and bearing faults by providing timely condition machine updates and alerting the maintenance team in charge of optimizing the cooling process- 24/7.

When all aspects of reliability and maintainability are considered for a cooling process, the VTB Net Sensor is a dependable alternative to the mechanical vibration switch and the 4-20mA vibration transmitter.

For plant owners, it guarantees the continuity of their cooling processes to optimize their production output.  For the manufacturers of the cooling tower cells, it provides a reliable and value-added feature to their product offering. The condition monitoring side to VTB Net Sensor was created as a smart and compact system that monitors a range of cooling tower performance parameters and sends the vibration and temperature data to the cloud for analysis.

Machine Saver VTB Net – Designed to Avoid Unexpected and Costly Cooling Process Shutdowns

With a combination of best practice techniques, correct setting of vibration alarm settings, and interpretation of vibration spectra, a cooling tower can be protected against damaging forces such as imbalance, misalignment, and bent shaft. Developing problems like defective rolling element bearings and gearbox defects can be detected early enough to allow plant management the time to plan, schedule, and make repairs to minimize cooling process downtime.

Key Benefits and Flexibility of the VTB Net Solution

The VTB Net Solution and integrated cable assembly was designed for wet, submerged, and corrosive environments and can be used to detect and monitor the vibration levels of the common right angle gear drive or in some new applications- the direct drive permanent magnet motors. By measuring vibration continuously, machine degradation can be monitored and impending failures can be prevented to avoid unscheduled shutdowns.

Online overall vibration can be obtained at any time from any location, thereby minimizing machine shutdown.  Trended overall vibration levels can be kept on the cloud for analysis for future reference. Early alarms can be set-up to provide sufficient time for management to plan for the scheduling and purchasing of parts thereby minimizing cooling process downtime.

  • Universal mounting, any orientation
  • Low power sensor that detects and measures both vibration and temperature parameters
  • Long distance and reliable Modbus RS485 RTU digital communications
  • Special algorithms that provide improved resolution at lower and higher frequencies
  • Measuring a motor, speed reducer, or a fan’s bearing vibration & temperature provides an advance indication of possible bearing load or faults in the cooling process system or problems with a bearing’s lubrication
  • Excessive vibration is an early indication of bearing misalignment or packing issues
  • Rising machine temperature provides advance warning of component wearing problems
  • Overall vibration & temperature levels can be coupled to a PLC, DCS, or SCADA control system for machine protection
  • The more machine vibration & temperature data that can be reviewed, the greater the results will be for reliability, quality and best practices for baseline machine levels
  • Less wire or Wi-Fi via Ethernet Modbus or cellular gateway
  • Permanent installation allows safe access to cooling tower components that are located in remote, hazardous, and dirty environments
  • Provides unique machine vibration signature that can be compared to similarly located group of machines for baseline levels
  • Reduces unplanned shutdowns and minimizes cooling process downtime
  • Provides 24/7 overall vibration and temperature levels for remote portal

Written by Amando Soliz

Traditional Vibration Devices: Mechanical Vibration Switches and Loop-Powered Transmitters | Machine Saver – Houston, TX