vibration monitoring for wastewater treatment

Wondering about vibration monitoring for wastewater treatment plants? It’s a great way to protect your plant.

In wastewater treatment, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. After all, a wastewater treatment plant failure can have huge repercussions for the environment and society at large, not to mention large costs incurred by the plant operator.

Most wastewater treatment plant failures are years in the making, caused by neglect of the mechanical components involved in water treatment. Only a robust monitoring and preventative maintenance program can ensure plant reliability.

One of the most interesting metrics to monitor is vibration data. Luckily, Machine Saver offers a complete line of vibration monitoring products designed for the harsh environment of a wastewater treatment plant.

vibration monitoring for wastewater treatment

Leakage Reduction, Mechanical Faults, and Variable Speed Control Benefits in Wastewater Treatment Plants

vibration monitoring for wastewater treatmentDue to their harsh environments which includes temperature extremes, harsh chemicals, and unpredictable solid waste, water treatment plants often struggle with devices that can clog, get stuck, jam, or otherwise fail. When this happens, spills and floods are a common consequence.

Most of the time, damage can be contained, and the effects are minimal. However, sometimes failures can compound and lead to disaster.

Vibration monitoring of all essential equipment in a water treatment plant is the single best way the plant manager can predict and therefore prevent total failure. Vibration sensors from Machine Saver can be interfaced directly with PLC/DCS control systems and programmed to automatically protect plant equipment.


Each sensor may also be remotely monitored using MachineGate LTE Gateway and Machine Saver’s web portal.  Using these powerful software tools, real-time vibration data can be compared against past data.  Web Portal also enables advanced data analysis using waveform and spectral analysis of vibration data.  Using this data allows subtle failures such as leaks to be detected before full scale flooding happens.

vibration monitoring for wastewater treatment

Variable Speed Control

This vibration data can also be useful when applied to variable speed control systems often used in wastewater treatment plants.

The irregular vibrations introduced when implementing a variable speed control system are often handled poorly by more rudimentary vibration monitoring solutions.

With a supported frequency range of 0.4Hz to 5kHz, as well as programmable low pass, band pass, and high pass filters, the VTB-Trivibe vibration sensor from Machine Saver can handle most variable speed control applications with ease.

Protect Your Equipment with Machine Saver’s Vibration Sensors

When machines are close to failure, vibration characteristics can and do change. A single machine failure can spur other downstream failures in a fragile system, and in a wastewater treatment plant the results can be catastrophic. Predicting these individual failures before they cascade into more systemic failures is what Machine Saver’s solutions were specifically designed to do. Contact us today to learn more!

vibration monitoring for wastewater treatment

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