vibration sensing, vibration sensor, machine saver

Machine failures cost money, a lot of money. Anyone reading this article knows that this statement is self evident. The question is how much do failures cost and how can you prevent them in the first place?

An investment in vibration sensing equipment is one of the most sure fire ways to keep machines running in peak condition and avoid premature failures.

Machine Saver features a complete line of vibration sensing equipment that is engineered for heavy machinery in demanding environments.

vibration sensing, vibration sensor, machine saver

Machinery Failures: What’s the Cost?

vibration sensing, vibration sensor, machine saverCollateral Damage

In most instances the machinery being monitored is a highly engineered, expensive piece of capital equipment. Doing whatever it takes to prevent failures is pretty much a no-brainer. What many people fail to understand is that the accessories connected to these machines are in some cases as valuable if not more valuable than the machine itself.

A custom fan blade or drive shaft can easily be destroyed by a malfunctioning motor. Even though the motor’s manufacturer may provide a warranty on the motor, they probably won’t be replacing your accessories if things go wrong.

Vibration sensing equipment from Machine Saver can provide real-time data that lets you know your machines are running optimally, and can warn you when things go wrong.

Machine Saver vibration sensors provide real-time data.

Catastrophic Failure vs. Preventative Maintenance

Take for example, a motor and fan running in a cooling tower with no vibration sensing installed. This is a hard-to-inspect location, and without vibration sensing equipment it’s hard to tell what’s happening inside the tower.  For weeks there has been an odd low frequency rumble, undetectable to the human ear.

Technicians have inspected the tower and found it to be in perfect working order. Then one day out of the blue, a crash is heard as a wisp of smoke rises from the tower.

Upon further inspection the fan is destroyed as well as the motor, and there is significant damage to the structure of the tower itself. The repair and cleanup bill is enormous. Luckily there were no people in the immediate area… this time. The plant will suffer significant downtime.

Vibration sensing can save your machinery and your pocketbook.

Now let us imagine the same tower was equipped with vibration sensing equipment from Machine Saver.

Even though visual inspection passes, the technician notices the low frequency vibration after logging into Machine Saver’s web portal and performing some spectral analysis on the data gathered. The technician makes the call to dig a little further.

The plant is shut down temporarily and upon further inspection some unusual bearing wear was found. Parts are ordered, delivered overnight, and preventative maintenance is performed.

When the tower is re-commissioned, the technician again looks for abnormalities in the vibration characteristics and finds none.  The problem has been mitigated and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars have been saved.

A Disaster Prevented Is a Penny Earned: Choose Machine Saver Vibration Sensing

Nearly every premature failure of large machinery can be avoided using a mixture of proper monitoring and preventative maintenance. With Machine Saver’s complete line of vibration sensing and analysis products, you can be assured that the agony of disaster is avoided, with the cost savings going directly to your bottom line. Ready to learn more? Click the button below or contact us by calling 832-471-8145.

vibration sensing, vibration sensor, machine saver

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