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As an industrial machine specialist, the worst feeling in the world is unexpected downtime or costly repairs that could have been easily avoided.  One worn out part can bring down an operation and cost thousands in repairs from the initial damage as well as the resulting downstream collateral damage.  What if you could predict failures before they happen, allowing you to schedule downtime based on your business needs rather than random chance.  Saving money through preventative maintenance rather than reactive repair is an easy choice.  With customers and employees counting on you, unforeseen downtime isn’t an option, and worker safety can never be compromised.

machine saver, vibration monitoring, VTB Tri Vibe

An Early Warning System

In the world of heavy machinery, vibration monitoring is the modern day canary in the coal mine.  The ability to easily detect and intervene in malfunctioning equipment is now possible with the VTB-RS485 smart vibration sensor from Machine Saver.

Any vibration monitoring system is better than nothing, and the cost of no vibration monitoring at all far exceeds leaving things to chance, but but the VTB TriVibe monitor stands head and shoulders above the competition.  By measuring vibration on 3-axes as well as providing temperature measurement capabilities, the VTB TriVibe is essentially 4 sensors in one, reducing installation cost and overall system complexity.  With a frequency monitoring range of 0.4 Hz to 5000Hz, the VTB TriVibe is a one-size-fits-all solution for nearly every industrial application.

Customized Solutions for Any Application

Of course what good is vibration monitoring without the ability for customization?  Again, the VTB TriVibe has got you covered with programmable low pass, band pass, and high pass filters, as well as periodic snapshots of vibration information.  Whatever the application, TriVibe provides a scalable and customizable solution.

Speaking of scalability, the VTB-RS485 line of vibration monitors can be easily daisy chained together, and uses the industry standard RS-485 interface and MODBUS protocol, allowing for easy integration with your existing PLC/DCS systems.  A smart network of vibration monitors enables total visibility into your operation.  MODBUS compatibility also allows for wireless communication between the sensor and your control system, as well as remote monitoring.Setup and configuration is a breeze with the VTB suite of software tools.  With these tools you can program filters, view captured data, change RTU number, view registers, and poll sensors all from a Windows PC.

When it comes to vibration monitoring, mounting the sensor can be a frustrating experience, but not with the VTB TriVibe. With the VTB-RS485 you can choose between mounting via a steel strap, threaded stud, epoxy attached steel mounting disc, or VTB-Mag (a powerful magnetic base attached to a stainless steel mounting disc).

Listen to Your Machinery

So the next time a spun bearing or an out of balance drive shaft brings your operation to a grinding halt, remember that it didn’t have to happen.  Your machines are trying to talk to you every day, and now you have the ability to listen and understand what they are saying with VTB TriVibe line of vibration sensors.  If your business involves keeping machines running smoothly, then the one indispensable tool you cannot live without is vibration monitoring.  Machine Saver is THE name in vibration measurement and monitoring, and with the VTB-RS485 line of sensors you’ll be connected with your data like never before.

vibration monitoring, VTB Tri Vibe, machine saver

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