condition monitoring instrument, vibration sensor, vibration sensors

Over-Temperature Protection to Prevent AC or DC Motor Damage and Subsequent Failure

Vibration sensors can help protect your motors from damage. They’re the best condition monitoring instruments for the job.

Issues with temperature and motor damage go hand in hand, even though they’re not exactly a marriage made in heaven.

The subsequent failure of an AC or DC motor due to excessive temperatures due to the kinetic energy of the system or overuse of the electric current is something that we all want to avoid.

Regular cool down periods and interval-based maintenance procedures can be sufficient, but when machines behave badly, they do so on their own terms. What you really need is over temperature protection to prevent AC or DC motor damage.

condition monitoring instrument, vibration sensor, vibration sensors

Benefits of Vibration Sensors to Prevent Engine Damage

Whatever engine or motor that’s used to power a mechanism, machine, or vehicle, big or small, it’s hard to make a positive argument about what happens when things go wrong.

Whether it’s a small fault or a catastrophic failure, downtime within any business can never be good – and that’s where the beauty of condition monitoring instruments comes into play. With AI data analysis and optional programming all available with vibration sensors, you’ll know when there’s a slight squeak, never mind a full system overload.

As well as a whole host of other great benefits, you can expect to see:

  • Decreased downtime of machinery
  • Increased data and insight into machine behaviour
  • Accurate maintenance scheduling and replacement
  • Increased savings in all areas of maintenance and prevention
  • A solution before the problem

Machine Saver is the solution BEFORE the problem.

condition monitoring instrument, vibration sensor, vibration sensors

VTB TriVibe

If you’re looking for 360-degree condition monitoring instruments with the added bonus of temperature output for maximum data and control, the VTB TriVibe is your new best friend.

With countless applications in the industry with both rotating and reciprocating machine applications, there’s very little that can’t be monitored.

Whether it’s motors, pumps, fans, compressors, engines, centrifuges, cooling towers, compressors or pumps, you’ll only need the one sensor for them all!

You’ll also be able to program for the advanced specifics that your machinery may require with low-pass, high-pass or band-pass filter capabilities. Everything that your company and maintenance engineers and professionals need to change the game comes in a neatly packaged box.

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With suitability to fit everything from motors, pumps and fans to compressors, engines and cooling towers – you’ll see vibration level outputs in x,y and z directions for acceleration, velocity and temperature.

Only Machine Saver can ensure the maximum dynamic vibration information in real-time automated conditions that your business deserves!

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condition monitoring instrument, vibration sensor, vibration sensors

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