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Fin fan cooling systems do a great job at providing a simple, cost-effective way to remove heat from fluids, with one caveat: the fans must keep turning.  A malfunctioning fin fan cooling system can mean unexpected repairs, costly downtime, ruined product, or even safety hazards.  When failure isn’t an option, Machine Saver’s line of tri-axial vibration sensors can help protect your cooling system and keep your plant running.

vibration sensor

The Importance of Vibration Sensors for Fin Fans

The most important ingredient in keeping your fans turning reliably is vibration monitoring.  While most OEM equipment does include some sort of vibration monitoring, it is usually insufficient for the task at hand.  In real-world applications, unsophisticated mechanical or two-wire vibration shutdown devices often come up short.  With 3-axis vibration as well as temperature monitoring, Machine Saver sensors provide the data needed to sense rolling element problems, gearbox defects, imbalances, and misalignment.  This data allows plant managers the flexibility to plan for downtime, order parts, or decrease duty cycles to avoid catastrophic failure.

Why it Matters

Primitive vibration sensors have the ability to shut down systems when major flaws are detected, but for mission-critical cooling applications, a smart vibration monitoring system is crucial.  This means the ability to monitor and observe temperature and vibration trends, with the ability to store this data to the cloud for later analysis.  Easy integration with PLC, DCS, or SCADA control systems via Modbus or cellular gateway allows for 24/7 system protection.  Remote monitoring capabilities provided by Machine Saver enables monitoring of all sensors in a system from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or laptop.  For locations that are hazardous, unpleasant, or off the beaten path, remote monitoring capabilities can provide huge savings.

Protect Your Fin Fans with Machine Saver Vibration Sensors

The cooling system can be one of the most crucial pieces in a manufacturing plant, and the best way to ensure cooling system efficiency is vibration and temperature monitoring.  Using these simple metrics, it is possible to determine overall system health as well as detecting otherwise silent failure modes.  With Machine Saver’s line of low-cost sensors, continuous monitoring is now possible over a wide frequency range that just isn’t possible with more basic solutions.  Keeping your plant cool has never been easier with Machine Saver’s expertise in industrial vibration and temperature monitoring solutions.

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How Vibration Sensors Can Improve Fin Fan Reliability | Machine Saver, Inc.