vibration monitoring for waste water treatment

If there was ever a perfect use case for a robust vibration monitoring system, it would be the modern waste water treatment plant. The process of removing pollutants, chemicals, and waste from water before it is released back into the environment is one of the most mission critical applications today.

The consequences of plant malfunction or downtime is almost always detrimental to the nearby environment. Furthermore, fines incurred due to discharge of untreated water can be expensive.

The modern wastewater treatment facility is a highly tuned system with many moving parts that all need to work together in harmony. Pumps, motors, cooling and heating equipment, and conveyors should all be monitored for two reasons:

  1. to ensure vibration is well within required ranges
  2. to provide an early warning system to potential failures

vibration monitoring for wastewater treatment

How Vibration Sensing Can Help with Wastewater Treatment

vibration monitoring for wastewater treatmentProducts offered by Machine Saver provide a complete solution to vibration sensing in wastewater treatment plants.

From individual sensors, to integration with control systems, to remote sensing and analysis capabilities, Machine Saver allows a complete view into the inner workings of a wastewater treatment plant.

Prevent Machine Failures

A key consideration of any wastewater treatment plant is the unpredictability of the quality of input water.  Raw untreated water may contain large amounts of solid material that can wreak havoc on pumps, pipes, and machines.

The ability to pump large amounts of fluid is critical in a water treatment plant. In addition, detecting intrusion of solids can mean preventing failure down the line. Vibration sensing provides a way to detect and mitigate these intrusions before catastrophic failure.

Vibration sensing can help prevent catastrophic failure and increase up-time.

Ensure Smooth Operation and Excellent Uptime

vibration monitoring for wastewater treatmentAt the heart of Machine Saver’s vibration sensing solution is the VTB Trivibe sensor. This sensor is capable of measuring vibration on 3-axes as well as providing temperature data.

With a frequency monitoring range of 0.4Hz to 5000Hz, the Trivibe sensor is capable of monitoring every piece of machinery in a wastewater treatment plant, ensuring smooth operation and unprecedented up-time.

Each Trivibe sensor can be used as a stand-alone, self-contained unit capable of controlling equipment based on vibration and temperature readings.

Trivibe sensors may also be daisy chained together using RS-485 and MODBUS protocol allowing easy integration with existing control systems. Additionally, Machine Saver offers the VTB-miniCOM, a communication gateway that acts as a CANbus master, allowing communication with 24 sensors at once.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is another benefit of Machine Saver’s vibration monitoring solution.

In a complex system such as a wastewater treatment plant, being able to drill down to each sensor remotely is an invaluable capability. MachineGate and Web Portal allows for complete visibility into all of the vibration data collected within a wastewater treatment plant.

MachineGate is an LTE gateway that collects data from the entire network of vibration sensors. This data can then be accessed and analyzed from anywhere in the world via Machine Saver’s Web Portal.

Protect Your Machines with Vibration Sensing from Machine Saver

Machine failure in a wastewater treatment plant setting can be catastrophic. Environmental damage, poor public relations, and extreme fines are all likely consequences from any malfunction.The easiest way to protect against these failures is a well-constructed vibration monitoring solution from Machine Saver. Contact us today at 1+(832)471-8145 to learn more!

vibration sensing for wastewater treatment

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